Score big with the Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit.


My husband is hard to find shop for he doesn’t enjoy a product if it cost too much money and it’s hard to find a product he really loves. I hit the jackpot this Father’s Day with the Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit. He loved the wood grain design on the box and the products and he actually tried every product yesterday after I give him the kit. (I usually find men’s toiletry kits I have given him in a cupboard unopened months later)

It was nice to finally hit the bulls eye with a gift, he loved the fresh mint scent of all the products and said the after shave lotion is the best he has ever used and demanded I feel how soft his face was. I tried the face wash last night, I love the minty tingle and the fresh scent. One of the best parts of this great kit is the price, only $24.95 even for a girl on a budget it’s a great gift. Keep the Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck kit in mind for birthdays or maybe a surprise for your significant other!


Beginner’s Luck Kits

Some of us need some help with our grooming regimen, maybe even a little luck. Our Beginner’s Luck kits are perfect for any guy that is new to Every Man Jack. Complete with our Body Wash, Body Bars, Face Wash/Face Scrub, Shave Gel, and Face Lotion. Plus an EMJ toiletry bag. Do you know an Every Man Jack?

Signature Mint – includes Face Wash
Cedarwood/Fragrance Free – includes Face Scrub

$24.95 Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit (or at your local Target store)


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