Deluxe Tweezer Duo


I am a total tweezer junkie I try to carry them wherever I go and have a pair I keep in my car. Whenever I am waiting somewhere I tweeze my stray eyebrow hairs, the light is perfect outside. I love this duo from Kiss with the slant and point tip you can have hours of tweezing fun. If you have kids the point tip is perfect for slivers.

Red by Kiss Slant & Point Tip Deluxe Tweezer Duo

* Salon Quality.
* Coated tweezers for the ultimate grooming control.
* Hand-filed, perfectly aligned tips.
* Stainless steel.
* Extreme point tip grabs splinters & ingrown hairs.
* Free sharpening.
* Quality inspected.
* Features:
o Smooth hand-finished tips never pinch delicate skin and are double-hardened for durability and precision.
* Made in Pakistan.

$12.99 Red by Kiss Slant & Point Tip Deluxe Tweezer Duo

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