New Summer Palette from Givenchy!


Planning a Summer Escapade? Be sure to take along a few cleverly designed, travel-size makeup products. These mini-wonders from Givenchy give your skin a sunkissed sheen with matching hot Technicolor lips that keep you looking beautiful in whatever situation you happen to find yourself, day or night.

Prisme Again! by Givenchy.

This chic limited-edition compact contains two different powder textures, both of them very fine, gentle, and creamy, for a variety of effects: matte, semi-matte, satiny, iridescent, or pearly shine.

The sexy, bi-level mini case contains three integrated applicators: two shadow shaders and a liner brush. It also features a limited-edition, copy-stamped compact cover.

I love the summer palettes, I’m going to have to go pick this one up!  I wouldn’t typically wear these colors, but you put them all together, and it kind of looks hot!

$49.50 – BUY IT HERE!

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