Finally a product for curly hair that is worth my adoration!


Besides my love for Fekkai Glossing cream I am always trying new products to help add a little life to my curly hair and prevent frizz. I’ve had a hard time finding something that doesn’t dry out my hair or just leave it limp and weighed down. While browsing my local Ulta store last week I decided to grab a few new curl enhancing products and I was lucky enough to stumble on Nexxus Curl Energee.

I love that Curl Energee is a spray it helps disperse it evenly without using too much product and it really helps my curls maintain there shape throughout the day. It is great at reviving curls as well at the end of the day you can spritz a little on your dry hair and scrunch and your curls are energized and ready to go again for a night out.

Nexxus Curl Energée

curl enhancing styler

Whether you have ringlets, corkscrews, coils, or waves, this leave-in conditioning styler will help get them their most gorgeous.


Snarls and tangles are controlled thanks to a formula which helps to reduce frizz while adding greater definition and form to even the most unruly of curls. In addition, it contains Chamomile and special Smoothing Ingredients. Hair’s strength, resilience, and healthy look are all enhanced as the nurturing cocktail in CURL ENERGÉE works its magic.

$11.65 Nexxus Curl Energee

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