Drugstore or Salon?


I go back and forth from Salon and drugstore conditioners while I love a lot of the professional products for the price difference I wonder if I am getting my moneys worth. Would really know the difference if they were in unmarked bottles? I have curly hair that gets really tangled in the shower and can be a pain to comb out on a drugstore whim I just tried Garnier Fructis Conditioner for dry and damaged hair and it totally helps condition and detangle my hair. It is a great conditioning product and doesn’t leave any build up.

What about you? Are you faithful to your favorite salon brands or will you try a drugstore brand to save money?

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner, Dry or Damaged Hair

With Active Fruit Concentrate

Active Fruit Concentrate
The innovative combination of ingredients naturally present in fruit help give strength and shine to your hair:

* Fruit acids
* Vitamins B3, B6
* Fructose
* Glucose

For hair that shines with all its strength.
The Garnier Fructis System of Fortifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner with active fruit concentrate acts deep within and on the surface of your hair.

* It nourishes the hair from root to tip.
* It works inside the hair strand to strengthen it.
* It smoothes the hair to the tip.

Only $3.59 Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner

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