2007 MTV Movie Awards a look back at the Best and Worst Dressed.

Jocelyn and I are gearing up for our trip down to La La land to the MTV Movie Awards, in honor of our trip I figured we could take a walk down memory lane to remember the best and worst of the past few years. Don’t forget to tune in to MTV for the LIVE show Sunday, June 1st at 8pm ET.



Amy Winehouse: Where do I start the hair? The teeth? The makeup? It really is tragic underneath all the issues she is a really cute girl and I think her voice is remarkable. Though it’s impossible to stop staring at her teeth it’s like a black abyss pulling my eyes in.


Heidi Montag: Attack of the plastic dolls, Heidi went over the top with everything from her painfully overstuffed chest to her nightgown of a dress. Maybe this year Heidi can leave a little to our imagination?


Victoria Beckham: Another plastic doll that came to life someone please pull the plug and let the air out! I think Victoria is looking better lately but at the awards last year with the overly tan body, bleached blond hair and hot pink bra escaping her dress she looked like Bratz doll.


Amanda Bynes: I think Amanda is such a cute girl but she fell into accessory and makeup overload. I love her dress but I think it would have looked better without the extensions and over sized necklace. If her makeup was applied a little lighter and more natural it would have shown her natural beauty rather than aging her.



Jessica Alba- Jessica looks stunning in red with loose layers in her hair and natural makeup. I think Jessica is pretty good at red carpet looks she manages to pick an eye popping color but because she kept everything else minimal you see her without being distracted by the accessories.


Eva Mendes- I love her sexy and effortless look, even with a flowy sun dress she still looks smoking hot. Her natural makeup enhances her beauty without looking overdone.


Mandy Moore- Her look is simple and timeless. Great dress and shoes and I LOVE her soft pink makeup. Pay attention young startlets you can look beautiful without being an oompa loompa or wearing all the makeup you own.


Fergie- Fergie is not wearing much make-up and I am surprised to say that she looks really pretty and feminine. Less is more with her little black dress and chic accessories.


Samantha Harris- Her sexy black mini is the perfect look for the beautiful and pregnant TV personality. Samantha works her pregnancy glow with sexy cat eyes and a neutral lip, love her hair.

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