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I took a few months off of the gym last year but I have been trying to get back to my daily workout schedule and get back in shape. I was quick to forget the muscle pain after a good workout but I have finally found something that helps and it’s not a pill! I might be the last one of the planet to use it but Tiger Balm has truly incredible results for muscle pain.

Just rub a little on the sore muscles and in minutes the pain will significantly subside if not go away completely. The smell is pretty strong and if your not a fan of minty products it might be hard to take. I am simply in love with Tiger Balm if you have a significant other that is into sports or working out give them a little massage with Tiger Balm after the workout and they will be putty in your hands. You might even get your kitchen cleaned or the trash taken out without a 20 minute debate!


Tiger Balm World Famous Pain Relieving Ointment for Sore Muscles and Overexertion.

For temporary relief for aches and pains due to backaches, arthritis, overexertion, joint pains, stiffness, and sprains. Vanishing Scent – Ultra Strength. Tiger Balm® has been used by over one-thrid of the world’s population for nearly 100 years. It is an effective external analgesic rub. Today, over 20 million jars of Tiger Balm® are sold annually in over 70 countries. Tiger Balm® is made from the finest ingredients. Tiger Balm®’s concentrated formulation penetrates quickly and provides effective temporary relief.

Other Ingredients: Cajuput Oil, Cassia Oil, Clove Oil, Dementholized Mint Oil and Parrafin Petrolatum.

$7.60 Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Pain Relief     (Or you local drugstore or grocery store)

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