I’m in love with a body wash!


I just got a bottle of the new Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Brazilian Body Wash and couldn’t wait to try it this morning. Not only is the scent amazing but for under $6 it knocks the major brand body washes out of the running. It is incredibly moisturizing and left my skin feeling hydrated even after I was out of the shower.

The oil infusion makes this a great shave cream and the passion flower scent makes it hard to get out of the shower. This is a must have for summer with the tropical scent and extra moisture for the hot dry summer months you won’t be disappointed!

Caress Body Wash, Exotic Oil Infusion Brazilian

Exotic Oil Infusions Brazilian. Sensuous Cream Oil Body Wash.

Want to discover a Brazilian inspired beauty secret? Caress Exotic Oil Infusions captures the magnificence of exotic oils in a body wash! Enliven your skin with the vivacious charm of Brazil in this authentic Cream Oil formula. The unique fusion with a blend of Passion Flower Cream and Acai Fruit Oil silkens skin, leaving a luscious, irresistible sheen. With skin this sensuous – you’ll mesmerize everyone around you!

Only $5.99! Caress Body Wash, Exotic Oil Infusion Brazilian   (or local drugstore)

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