When I first used YSL Matt touch foundation I was a little worried about how dark it came out but once I started applying the foundation to my skin it blended perfectly. It has the best whipped texture you need just a tiny bit to cover your whole face. The foundation gave my skin a flawless finish and didn’t leave that made up feel I am totally in love with this product. It is a little spendy but you need just the tiniest bit so the tube should last for a long time.

Oil-Free Foundation

SPF 10

Matt Touch Foundation’s smoothing, silky-soft texture caresses the skin with a sublime and long-lasting radiant matt finish. The white water lily extract associated with anti-shine sebo-sponges purifies and controls excess oil, and the star radiance booster pigments conceal imperfections and illuminate the complexion.

The skin’s texture is refined, the skin is pure, neat and fresh. The complexion is beautifully radiant while remaining perfectly matt. With MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION, you can let your complexion enjoy the incredible sensation of a matt and long-lasting veil of even color.

$48.00 YSL Matt Touch Foundation

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