Reader Request: My favorite lipstick has been discontinued, help!

We received the following email from Alysha, who is frustrated that her favorite Lancome lipstick has been discontinued.  I contacted Erica from Lancome, and found that Lancome has this really amazing feature on their website, that allows you to find replacements for the discontinued items!

Help! I just learned that Lancome has discontinued my favorite lipstick- Risque.  I went to the website to try to purchase it, but I cant. Any ideas of where I can buy it?



I am sorry that your reader is upset by this discontinued product. Please see Lancôme Makeup Artist, Andrew Sotomayor’s response to the email. Also, please check out the discontinued products feature on our website. Lancôme is the only beauty company that has this discontinued feature. It is such a great tool to use for products that consumers love a product that is no longer available.


Hi Erica,

Sorry to hear Alysha’s favorite shade was discontinued. The best color to wear is Color Design Lipstick in “Edgy.” The color and shine is very similar.

Also, there is a section on the site under makeup labeled “Discontinued Products” which is a database of nearly all the products we carried since the has been around. If you search for your discontinued shade, you’ll find the product that we now recommend instead.

Plus, sometimes our “last call items” that are due to be discontinued can be found under the “Beauty Bye-Bye” section of our site as well.

These are such great tools for anyone who’s a total devotee to their favorite limited edition “shade of the moment!”

Andrew Sotomayor


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