The long road to recovery.

Last fall I decided I wanted to dye my blonde hair dark brown, on top of that impulse decision I decided instead of going to my normal colorist I use for highlights I would just dye it myself… how hard can it be? Well as you can probably guess that was not a good decision there is a reason we pay people to color our hair.

I applied the at home color kit waited the allotted time and washed my hair when I stepped out the shower my jaw almost hit the floor my hair was not brown but black. And I don’t mean dark brown I mean raven black on my pale complexion it was more than shocking. Besides being a little shocked I actually liked the change it was fun and so different than anything I had ever done before.

Well a month or two later the excitement wore off and it just felt strange to have such dark hair besides always having to wear makeup to help my skin not look washed out. I started to feel weird not looking like my kids that might sound strange but I was so used to people telling me how much my daughter and I looked alike. After I died my hair it was just different walking around with two beach blonde kids with my black hair.

So with my head hung low I went to my colorist and after her initial shock and what were you thinking speech we started to long road back to blonde. My poor hair  just sucked up all the color and with my red undertones my hair went dark red with the first correction treatment. Well now two colorings later my hair is a lighter red shade and I finally am getting a little blonde back. The downside of all this processing is my fine hair is so dry and tangled. I have found an amazing product that has helped restore some of the moisture and shine.

Alterna Caviar Treatment Masque only takes 5-10 minutes to soak into you hair and you can tell the difference immediately. I used the masque over 5 days ago and my hair is still silky and smooth and it has a little bit of it’s old radiance back. The moral of this story is if you decide to make a drastic color change to your hair PLEASE use a professional and if you just like to make bad impulse decisions like me at least try a great hair treatment to apologize to you hair.


Alterna Caviar Treatment Masque

* Intensive reconstructing treatment that revitalizes hair
* Protects color and completely rejuvenates hair
* Leaves hair glowing with a renewed radiance
* Formulated with Enzymetherapy – The Science of Skincare for Hair™ and infused with Seasilk®, Age-Control Complex™ and Color Hold™

$40.00 Alterna Caviar Treatment Masque

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