I would like to introduce all of you to some amazing products from Aloette!

I recently received a package full of products from a brand that – to be honest – I had never heard of before.  Aloette Skin Care.

I was sent the following products to review:

Restorative Enzyme Peel
Time Restore Firming Serum
Lumitone HP Pro Skin Brightening Serum
Simply Clear Skin Care Kit (for acne)
Warming Pumpkin Energizing Masque


Restorative Enzyme Peel: Try this alternative to harsh chemical peels today. Right before your eyes, this unique exfoliating fruit enzyme peel removes dead skin cells without the use of harsh acids or damaging granules!

  • The Restorative Enzyme Peel is all natural – We do not use harsh acids or chemicals.
  • Made with 54% aloe vera and other fruit extracts, including grapefruit, cucumber, papaya and pineapple.
  • This fruit enzyme peel is non-invasive and has zero down time.
  • Helps smooth and exfoliate skin.
  • See results in one minute – That’s why this revolutionary skin care product is Aloette’s Instant 60-Second Miracle Peel.

Fortified with a combination of fruit enzymes and containing 54% purified aloe vera gel, the Restorative Enzyme Peel provides gentle exfoliation while soothing the skin. Goodbye dead skin cells, hello smooth, hydrated, glowing skin!

I tried this product, and I’m reviewing it first – because it wasy BY FAR my favorite of the bunch.  It was my first experience with an enzyme peel – and I was absolutely blown away by the results.  My skin was more radiant – more soft and glowing than ever before.  It was so easy to use – and can be done very quickly. I absolutely LOVED this product, and would suggest that everyone try it!

$39.95 – BUY IT HERE!


#1 Selling Anti-Aging Firming Serum With Over 1 Million Bottles Sold!
The Time Restore Firming Serum
is Aloette’s top-rated anti-aging skin care product! In clinical testing, this miraculous herbal blend decreased the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 54%, increased skin firmness up to 33%, and improved skin density up to 14% – all within an eight-week period. With over one million bottles sold, Time Restore Anti-Aging Firming Serum is one of the best-selling products throughout all of Aloette’s 29-year history. Use Time Restore Anti-Aging Firming Serum now to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin radiance and appear years younger.

This product came in a close second to the enzyme peel.  I absolutely LOVE this serum.  It goes on really smoothly – and it takes a very small amount to cover your face.  You can really notice the difference, and almost immediately!  Your face looks tighter and firmer, and at 30 years old, I can really appreciate that!

$55.00 – BUY IT HERE!


Brighten dull, ashy skin and treat uneven skin tone with Aloette Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum, the Non-Surgical Skin Brightening System. You will see results in just 14 days!

This skin brightening serum, with the new additions of plant-derived, non-irritating ingredients, helps reduce red and splotchy skin while treating uneven skin color and tone. Containing a proprietary blend of multiple peptides and brighteners, including the powerful white daisy extract, Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum brings a renewed brightness and luminescence to your skin in just 14 days. Lumitone HP Pro’s aloe vera-based formula glides on gently and keeps your skin hydrated and smooth throughout the entire day. Try the newest addition to Aloette’s anti-aging collection today!

  • This skin brightener utilizes non-irritating, plant-derived ingredients designed to enhance skin brightening.
  • Lumitone HP Pro enhances the brightening capabilities of our existing Lumitone complex.
  • This new skin brightening serum from Aloette is substantially less irritating than other popular brightening treatments, causing less redness in customers with sensitive skin.

Lumitone HP (High Potency) is a patent pending blend of 5 clinically tested ingredients designed to brighten, smooth, and restore the glow to all skin types. As the skin ages it becomes dull, ruddy, and age spots begin to develop. Much of this damage is caused in earlier stages of life (from sun rays and environmental factors), but as the skin starts to age, they become more visible. While conventional treatments have relied on harsh chemicals and bleaching creams, Lumitone uses a revolutionary new combination of natural ingredients to tackle the problem – without the harmful side effects of the chemically based products.

“As aging occurs, the skin begins to become dull, unevenly toned and loses its ability to reflect light. Lumitone is Aloette’s proprietary blend of clinically tested and scientifically proven ingredients designed to brighten the skin without the use of harsh chemicals that can cause long-term damage. Lumitone works naturally with the skin to enhance glow and radiance, promoting a brighter complexion. Get back the luminosity of your skin – with Lumitone!” –Christie Cohen, Aloette Chairman of the Board.

I cannot rave about this product enough.  I was the most excited to try this – because my skin has very obvious red blotches.  I hate it – right under my eyes, I have red patches, and it drives me nuts!  I was totally thrilled to try this – and I’m very happy to report that it works – WONDERS.  It does exactly what it says, and it moisturizes to boot.  I absolutely love having this product.  I put it on in the morning right out of the shower -and when I go to apply my makeup – my red patches are all but gone.  I love this product.  A+!

$69.95 – BUY IT HERE!


Acne Treatment Lotion is perfect for adults and teenagers who suffer from acne-prone or excessive oily skin. This spot treatment lotion contains a powerful, fast-acting formula consisting of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and sulfur that works to effectively reduce redness of the skin, promote healing of acne blemishes and help prevent future breakouts. Use Acne Treatment Lotion with other products from the Simply Clear skin care line to achieve clean, blemish-free skin.

This is the one product – I wasn’t too crazy about.  I love the idea of having something that I can use – when a blemish pops up.  I don’t usually have acne, but every once and a while – they happen.  So I did get to try it out, and while IT DID WORK – it also STUNK.  I put it on my blemish – and when the product dries, it really STINKS.  I kept smelling burnt rubber (that’s what it smelled like to me) all day.  So I can’t tell you that it doesn’t work – because it did.  It zapped the blemish right away.  BUT it also smells terrible… so I dunno, the greater evil – I suppose.

$18.00 – BUY IT HERE!


This Warming Pumpkin Energizing Mask, a unique spa facial treatment, helps purify skin by opening pores and absorbing dirt, oils and toxins. The warming feature soothes while it increases circulation to support and nourish healthy skin. Contains pumpkin peel to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Important antioxidant vitamin E protects skin from damaging free radicals.

Can’t go wrong with an energizing mask, right?  I love masks – I’m always trying new ones, and I’m usually impressed with them all.  This was a GREAT mask.  It really does energize your skin – leaving you feeling like you’ve just stepped out of a spa.  I love this mask – love the smell – love everything about it.  It’s really not too expensive, either – and I can appreciate that.  For those pumpkin fans out there – this is the mask for you!

$25.50 – BUY IT HERE!

Have any samples you would like Erin or I to check out?  Email us at makeherup@hotmail.com

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