Reader Request: "Help!! Cocktail party make up"


I’m an avid reader of both your sites. I really love how personal you make each one. I’m writing you to ask for help, I have to attend a cocktail part at the W Hotel in Dallas. I’ll be going as a date to my boyfriend (who is very fashionable), he will be recieving an award from his job.

I am absolutely clueless about what do to for make up. I’m very pale, anglo, and will be wearing a little black dress and very understated accessories. I use Perscriptives for foundation and concealer, and Dior Show for my lashes, but everything else is lost on me. Can you help put togeather a little black dress look for me?

Thank you in advance for your time and any help you might be able to give!

–Candy H.

Candy –  

Thanks for contacting us!  I’d say you definitely need some smoky eyes!  Try the tips below!  (You can also watch a great How-To on smoky eyes – here!)


Keira Knightley made a seductive statement at the Academy Awards with smoky eyes, a tried-and-true red-carpet beauty showstopper. This year’s variations on sexy charcoal seducers call for small touches of femininity for extra come-hither appeal. To create your own alluring guise, follow celebrity makeup artist and What Not to Wear beautifying guru Carmindy’s easy steps. It might not score you a statuette, but this tempting look will win you plenty of attention.

Hopefully this helps!


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