Expert Tip: Is it worth it to try and highlight your hair, yourself?


We recently recieved this email from Lauren, asking a hair question:

I usually get my hair done at a salon but I’m trying to pinch pennies in order to take a trip to Cali. So in the mean time I’m wondering if I should do my own highlights. Do you recommend this? If so, any tips or specific brands you recommend? Thanks.

This was one area I know nothing about, I don’t ever dye or highlight my own hair.  (Too many bad experiences!)  For years, I have trusted my hair with the enormously talented Marsi from Bella Salon, in Beaverton, Oregon.  She is a genius when it comes to hair color – so Lauren, I forwarded your question on to Marsi.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Jocelyn, I’m so happy to help.

As far as the highlights at home, I would tell her not to try it unless she’s willing to spend twice as much as she would have initially spent getting it done, getting it fixed.

Highlights are just too complicated and require specific technique, if it didn’t then we couldn’t charge what we do for it.

I would however recommend doing all over color at home. I would recommend going to a local beauty supply store, like Sally’s, and ask for help. I would ONLY recommend doing a semi-permanent gloss and stick with more golden colors and not too far off from your natural color or what you currently have. You can really mess up your hair with permanent color or by trying to do something too dramatic.

Your hair is something you wear everyday, it’s not like make-up that you can just wipe off, so if you screw it up- you’re screwed!
Sorry for such a long answer! Hopefully that helps.


So Lauren, I hope this helps!  Keep us posted!

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