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As a stay at home mom of two young children I’m always up to try anything that is going to reduce stress and improve my mood you add anti-aging to the formula and I’m sold. Of course when I first tired N.V. Perricone M.D.Neuropeptide Synergy Anti-Aging Aromatic Pheromones I wondered how much could it really help. I have a three year old that knows how to make my blood boil by swinging on the chandelier in her room or unloading her dresser and closet on her bedroom floor looking for a new outfit to wear.

I am happy to say it really works, about 20 minutes after applying it to my temples and pulse points I really did feel more relaxed and maybe even chipper? I haven’t been using it long enough to report on how it works for anti-aging but finding a products that reduces stress and keeps me from rolling on the floor in the fetal position after a trying morning has my vote. I am thinking they should hand this out at you kid’s first birthday appointment I think it would qualify as a medical deduction?

ALSO: Hey guys, this is Jocelyn.  I too was able to try this product – and I had to add my 2 cents to Erin’s post. I was very skeptical about this product.  It promises too much, it can’t possibly work!  I totally agree with Erin, this product works 110%!  It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to start working, and once it does, you can REALLY tell there is a difference.

Like Erin said – they should market this product to stay at home moms!  It is a wonderful product, and I’m so happy to have tried it!

N.V. Perricone M.D.Neuropeptide Synergy Anti-Aging Aromatic Pheromone

What it is:
A neuropeptide, antiaging, aromatic pheromone.

What it is formulated to do:
Helps elevate mood, increase mental clarity, lower stress, and give an overall sense of well being.

What else you need to know:
When pheromones are combined with neuropeptides they are able to adhere to receptor sites and carry messages to different parts of the brain affecting areas related to our sense of well being.

Synergy An Anti-Aging Aromatic
It is now common knowledge that stress weakens your immune system and makes your body more susceptible to disease and age. Dr. Perricone’s Prescription to this problem is to increase your sense of well-being thereby counteracting the negative by-products of stress.

Synergy is the next generation of anti-aging treatment serums, not a traditional anti-aging serum applied to the skin for cosmetic results but an innovative, anti-aging treatment for your brain. For the first time, neuropeptides are used to harness the power of pheromones.

Tiny strings of amino acids called neuropeptides, act as sophisticated intercellular messengers to deliver pheromones to the brain, similar to those found naturally in the body. As we age, these neuropeptides become less and less abundant. The pheromones are known to activate positive changes in the areas of the brain related to cognitive skills and emotional well being.

The end result – Synergy is a personal treatment that can help to manage the every day stress of life and help to bring back the vitality of youth.

$250.00 BUY IT HERE.

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