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Thanks to Darlene for the review!

My daughter gave me a bottle of CIBU Moose Lee Volumizer to try. I honestly didn’t think it would do anything because I have very thick, short , straight hair, but I was willing to give it a try. I like to have height on the top of my head,but my hair usually “flops” by the end of the day especially if it is raining. (We live in Oregon so it rains pretty much every day.) To my happy amazement the volumizer worked. My style held for the whole day and even throught the night. I consider it “pure gold” and use it daily.

Foaming Volumizer

Cibu Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer is lightweight, medium hold, non-aerosol Cibu mousse formulated to add volume to fine hair and plump natural curls.

Pump up the volume with Cibu Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer medium hold mousse. Two – four pumps leave hair silky and full, four – six pumps create luscious, sexed-up body that lasts all day — or night. Cibu Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer is also amazing at taming, silkening and plumping natural curls.

Limp hair looking for a body boost; curly hair for effortless shine and frizz control; roller sets and wraps.

Extracts of lotus flower and water lily soothe and condition; bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Coconut oil conditions. Panax ginseng root extract invigorates the scalp and hair follicle to add volume at the root. Rhatany root extract preserves hair color. Castor oil prevents product build-up.

$9-14.00 BUY IT HERE.

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