Steal Angelina's Look!


Angelina Jolie was beautiful as ever at Monday’s Critic’s Choice Awards.  I’ve got the How-To on Angie’s look!

GET THE LOOK: Thick Nefertiti liner goes well with smoky eyes, but if you want to subtly simmer, try a gradually thinning line, like Angelina Jolie. Use a liquid liner to draw a thin rim along upper lashlines. Go over the outer half of each eye one more time, and extend slightly beyond the eye.

INSIDER TRICK: The secret to this look: Line the bottom corner of each eye to accentuate the outer edge and create an exotic almond shape. If done correctly, outer corners will look like a sideways capital Y.

I thought it was only appropriate to pick a liquid eye liner by Shiseido, which Angelina is the spokeswoman for.


The Makeup Fine Eyeliner by Shiseido!

This unique, refillable liquid eyeliner pen with brush makes fine to bold lines easy to draw for strong, magnificent eyes. The classic colors create a natural finish, with no smudging.

$27.00 – BUY IT HERE!

Want more pictures of Angelina and Brad Pitt at the Critics Choise Awards?  Go here!

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