Must Have for flat iron junkies.


My hair can be such a major fight to straighten but I started using Cibu Pho Finish before I flat iron my hair and it has made an amazing difference. Just lightly spray the section you are going to iron, run you brush through it and iron, your hair will be stick straight and stay that way! It leaves my hair shiny and straight I love this stuff!

Workable Finishing Spray

Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Spray is a medium-hold workable aerosol Cibu hair spray perfect for heat styling and all day hold.

Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Spray goes with everything! An aerosol hair spray, Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Spray provides medium hold and an extra dose of shine and also works as a heat styling aid to create flexible texture, protect hair from heat and control frizz.

All hair types

BOTANICAL BENEFITS Extracts of lotus flower and water lily soothe and condition; bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Rhatany root extract preserves hair color.

$14.00 BUY IT HERE.

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