What do we think of Natalie's lavender lips?


Here is Natalie Portman at the 22nd annual American Cinematheque Awards on Friday.  What do we think of her lipstick? I’m not a huge fan of light lipstick, so maybe it’s just me…but I’m not diggin it. What do you guys think?


If you like this shade, I found the perfect lipstick for you!  Try MAC’s McQueen Lipstick in Masque. It’s more of a pink color, but it’s the same idea…


McQueen Lipstick: The two Lipstick shades used by M·A·C artists to create the look of Alexander McQueen Fall ’07. Pale yet intensely rich with pearled finishes. Leaving no doubt of their inspiration, the outer casing bears the marque of the collection’s logo. Limited edition.

$14.00 – BUY IT HERE

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