How to get the perfect blow out!


Frederic Fekkai Controle ~ Ironless Straightening Balm

Salon blow-out sans stylist. This miraculous, non-chemical balm helps hair go straight while you dry. Sleek, chic hair resists frizz and fly-aways.

Fashion isn’t what you wear; it’s how you wear it. It’s not the first thing you put on, but the last that can take classic to au courant and tell the world exactly who you are. The most powerful accessory is the one you’re born with: hair. Bold, timeless, sexy, driven ~ a woman can say more with her hair than a man can say all day. No look is truly done until your hair is.

Fekkai Coiff™ introduces hair couture, now ready-to-wear. A wardrobe of fashion stylers, each is multi-functional in form but sheer in formula ~ made to wear alone or layer limitlessly. Texture, hold, mold and more without fear of buildup or product overdose. From precisely polished to deliberately undone, make a statement all day with All Day Style-Memory.

Who is it for?
All hair types.

Product technology:

* Provides flexible, yet durable hold with innovative All Day Style-Memory Complex.
* Creates professional, multi-effect styles ~ sheer, versatile formulas allow you to mix and layer without fear of product buildup.
* Restores and maintains hair’s natural moisture balance with rice protein, jojoba protein and panthenol.
* Provides UV and environmental protection.

What is the All Day Style-Memory Complex:
Not all styling products are created equal. Hairstyles created with most “conventional” styling products tend to breakdown and lose shape after only a few hours. Fekkai Coiff™ products feature our exclusive All Day Style-Memory Complex ~ helping you maintain that “just-styled” look throughout an active day. This innovative complex contains hydrolyzed hibiscus protein, a botanical plant derivative with film-forming and conditioning properties, and specially selected “weightless” polymers.


Tips from Frederic.
What’s more sexy than hair that’s bouncy, alive, that moves with your body? With your hair sleekly styled, you naturally adopt a more relaxed attitude. You are likely to run your hand through your hair, or push a couple of stray strands off your face, or casually re-adjust a hair ornament ~ all lovely gestures. Beautiful, shiny hair, blown out to perfection, is one of the most seductive attributes of a sexy woman.

The Fekkai Signature Blow-Out:

* Defense Pre-Style Thermal/UV Protectant
* Controle Ironless Straightening Balm
* Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Creme

To get salon-perfect results at home, follow the same steps your stylist does:

1. Gently pat hair dry to remove excess water. Do not rub.
2. Spray hair liberally with Defense Pre-Style Thermal/UV Protectant, combing through with a wide-tooth comb.
3. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Controle Ironless Straightening Balm evenly through hair.
4. Flip your head over, drying hair upside down until it’s 70% dry. Use your fingers instead of a brush.
5. Flip your head upright and divide hair into 2 sections ~ a bottom layer and a top layer. Secure the top with a clip.
6. Use a large round brush to dry hair section by section. Dry the bottom layer completely before drying the top.
7. Always work the dryer pointed down the hair’s length. Going against growth disrupts the hair cuticle, and that creates frizz.
8. Hold hair taught as you glide the brush from the roots down to ends. Do not spin the brush.
9. When your hair is completely dry, rub a small amount of Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Creme between your palms and “rake” the product through your hair with your hands, focusing on the ends.

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