Personal Review: Sephora's Super Shield Lip Saver!


Sephora’s Super Shield Lip Saver: Erin bought this for me a week ago before my trip to Vegas, and I’m SO GLAD she did!  I used it constantly in Vegas…with that hot weather, and scorching sun – this lip gloss did the trick!!  The reason I like it, is because it’s not sticky, goes on smoothly, and lasts forever!  For summer – the added SPF 15 really helps protect you from the blazing sun.

SuperStars – Super Shield Lip Saver SPF 15: Because soft, smooth, sexy lips are a must and keeping them safe from the sun’s harmful rays is essential, this emollient blend of almond oil, shea butter, and olive oil, plus an SPF 15 sunscreen makes this lip balm a must have – any time of year.


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