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Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener: The best skin luminater is Revlon skin lights. I swear by this product that it can take you from dull and tired to fresh and glowing! I have been using it for about 6 years now. It takes me one year to fully finish one tube. Because a dime size amount takes you so far!! You can higlight your cheeks, use it on the size of yournose to make it appear more defined, under your eys for a little highlight and even on your chest for that I just romped in my sheets looks!!! Go out and buy it now!!!!!!!

  • Instant luminosity from a pump.
  • This Sheer, oil-free*, Lightweight Skin-Brightening Lotion feels silky smooth.
  • The unique Formula features Light-reflective Crystals and Skin-enhancing minerals to insTantly Brighten Skin, Soften flaws and boost Radiance.
  • Wear it over Bare Skin For insTant luminosity, or With foundation For luminosity With more coverage Vitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect Skin.
  • * No animal, mineral or vegetable oil

REVIEW SUBMITTED BY:  Shannon in South Florida

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