A personal review – Stila's Tinted Moisturizer!


I bought Stila’s Tinted Moisturizer, and used it last night for the first time.  I have to say, I loved it!  I don’t like foundation…makes my skin feel cakey and unhealthy.  (I’m sure I haven’t used any good foundations, though…I haven’t tried any since high-school)

It goes on really smoothly, and absorbs quickly.  It leaves your skin feeling moisturized without the weight of a foundation!  I give it 2 thumbs up!

Want even-looking skin, but aren’t willing to take the foundation plunge? Packed with sun protection and just enough color to even skin tone, sheer color doesn’t conceal. The light, hydrating formula is ideal for all skin types. Application is a cinch and the coverage is long lasting, leaving you with a perfect finish every time.

$30.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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