Viewer Review: The BEST Nail Strenghtening product… PERIOD.


Nailtiques: This product is absolutely amazing. As a life long on-and-off nail biter, who also happens to suffer from brittle nails that chip and peel from the sides, I have tried every single kind of nail strengthener under the sun. None of them worked. Until one day, a friend of mine introduced me to this miracle product.

With it, my nails have become long and strong, and the best part is, no one ever believes me when I tell them I don’t have acrylics on.

There are a few different formulas for different nail types, but people with generally weak nails should stick to formula 2. You start off with 2 coats at the beginning of the week, and apply one new coat everyday. At the end of the day clean it off with acetone and repeat.

Nailtiques also has an amazing line of other products like gentle acetones and cuticle creams.

You will never go back to acrylics to have the look of beautiful nails ever again.

$9.99 – BUY IT HERE!

Review Submitted By: Aline (love that name!) from Los Angeles, CA

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