Want to brighten your skin?


Vanessa Williams applies Lumene Radiant C-Energy Drops to her skin to brighten it up!


Instant Beauty treatment especially for tired, dull and lifeless skin. Visibly more vital and radiant skin! Directions: Use over a 28 day period – one capsule a day. Remove the tip of the capsule and squeeze the content onto fingertips. Apply on cleansed face and neck before day or night cream. Avoid the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Thanks to the synergy of concentrated Cloudberry seed oil and pure Vitamin C, these capsules give intensive emergency treatment for tired, dull and lifeless skin.

· Promote skin’s renewal process.

· Make visibly brighter complexion.

· Smooth fine lines.

Priced very reasonably!  For only $16.99 (hurry, it’s a sale price) you can buy a 28 day supply!  Go to CVS to buy now!

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